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„Hilarij – Slovenia, The journey of peace and sportsmanship“

Mountain ultramarathonman Radovan Skubic Hilarij, famous for his many resonant and challenging projects, has three years ago traded his running shoes for a bycicle. In the year 2008 he will be heading on a 10.000 kilometers and 40 days long journey across the globe. His goal is to arrive in China at the beginning of the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. He will carry with him the Slovenian flag and pass it on to the sportsman representing Slovenia at the Olympic games opening. With this achievement Radovan Skubic Hilarij communicates to the world his message that the Olympic games are healthy competitiveness, promote friendship and are contribution to the world peace. By carrying the Slovenian national flag with him on his journey across the globe, he is promoting his country. He is also promoting the bycicle as an enviromentaly friendly means of transport – seeing it as a symbol of the fight against global warming.

Supporting team members and their personal information:

1. Radovan Skubic Hilarij – ultramarathonman

Cesta 9. avgusta 8c, 1410 Zagorje ob Savi

Date of birth: 28.5.1953


Email/GSM.:, 031 319 224

2. Aleš Petek – navigacija, foto – videografija, prevoz Peking 2008

Gora pri Komendi 23d, 1218 Komenda

Rojstni datum: 5.5.1981

Naslov in tel. št.:, 041 362 328

Zaposlitev: Petek Dušan s.p. ISAM elektronika, Gora 23 D, 1218 Komenda

Izobrazba: diplomirani inženir elektrotehnike

3. Tanja Hajnrihar – prevajanje kitajščina, prevoz Peking 2008

Na Kresu 8, 4228 Železniki

Rojstni datum: 11.1.1982

Naslov in tel. št.:, 041 966 838

Zaposlitev: študentka sinologije in filozofije

Izobrazba: študent

4. Gaša Egić – prevajanje ruščina, prevoz Peking 2008

Ulica svobode 7, 6310Izola

Rojstni datum: 30.11.1981

Naslov in tel. št.:, 031 322 469

Zaposlitev: študent

Izobrazba: študent

5. Nastja Šink – prevajanje kitajščina, navigacija, prevoz Peking 2008

Novovaška cesta 61, 4226 Žiri

Rojstni datum: 4.7.1983

Naslov in tel. št.:, 040 525 069

Zaposlitev: študentka sinologije in bibliotekarstvo

Izobrazba: študent

a) Milan Rejec – project technical manager

Šalara 24a, 6000 Koper

Date of birth: 30.8.1948


Email/GSM:, 041 671 400

Radovan Skubic Hilarij – ultramarathon man

Radovan Skubic Hilarij is an ultramarathon man who is setting his goals higher with every project. His long ultramarathons weren’t there to break records or to make money. They would always drain the budget of the Skubic family. Radovan always ephasizes that “If it weren’t for the support of my loved ones, I would’ve never been able to do my projects.” Radovan always competes with himself thus constantly trying to surpass himself. He says he knows no rest and his trainings last throughout the year. Radovan Skubic – Hilarij, though an amateur sportsman, seeks nothing but extreme professional results. For the last 20 years he has been actively involved in ultramarathon running, he attended short recreational runs and classic marathons. Being a passionate lover of nature and mountains he also attended many shorter recreational and classical marathons and is active in the Athletic Union of Slovenia. He also is a member of the Mountaineering Union of Slovenia since 1965 and therefore joined many mountain runs in Slovenia and abroad.

Radovan ran since his early days. He’s always been a very successful runner. Trained handball for four years and later got enthusiastic about mountain running. This 53-year old character from Zasavje (a mid-Slovenian region) boasts a remarkable array of successes in his career. In 1994 he ran through the woods of Slovenia from Radlje by Drava river to Piran by the Adriatic sea. In 1995 he embarked on an 11 day route through Slovenian mountain transversal where he climbed 24 two-thousand meters high mountains and acquired 69 stamps of the route posts. He was able to run on the three Zasavje moutains in 13 hours: Čemšeniška planina, Zasavska gora and Kum. He ran on many European heights: Mont Blanc, Matterhorn and Monte Roso. He also ran across the Scottish heights and in 1993 conquered the Snow mountain of Wales. In 1996 he ran the Zasavje mountain route, later that year marathoned the borders of the Zagorje municipality. In 1997 he ran the Čemšeniška mountain – Trdinov vrh, Kum – Triglav and slovenian mountain transversal from Maribor to Ankaran. A year after he conquered the “three municipalities bordering Zagorje ultramarathon” and runs 87 kilometers in two days. In 1999 he sets on three projects – ultramarathon from Trbovlje coal mine to Slovenia’s highest mountan Triglav, where he symbolically carried a miner’s lamp from the last working Zasavje coal mine; second project was intended as support for Zasavje’s economic growth as he ran throughout the borders of Slovenia; third project was the ultramarathon of friendship as he ran from Zagorje to the friendly city of Omiš. In the year 2000 he ran the ultramarathon dedicated to the Sava river and also conquered the top of the famous Mont Blanc. In 2001 he ran from the city of Trbovlje to the Croatian island Rab. Later that year finishes the “route of WW2 couriers” in the Zasavje mountains. In 2002 he runs the creative “cup of coffee” ultramarathon from Trbovlje to Slovenia’s Portorož – a famous tourist destination at the Adriatic coast. Later runs the “lake to lake” ultramarathon – from 19th of June from the lake Bohinj (Slovenia) to 1600km distant Montenegro Durmitor’s Black lake.

A very imporant project began in 2003 and was called “Ultramarathon of peace and coexistence” which began at GEOSS Vače (geometrical center of Slovenia) and ended at Mt. Olympus (Greece) on Radovan’s 50th birthday.

Year 2004 was marked with another big project titled “Hello, Europe!”. The ultramarathon started on 16th of April and ended on 1st of May in Bruxeless – the day Slovenia entered the European union. Radovan ran 1400 kilometers in 16 days. The European cities he crossed received gifts from cities of Hrastnik, Zagorje and Vače. He also carried with him a slovenian flag that was later lifted in the European parliament.

Year 2004 was a breaking point in Radovan’s ultramarathon career where he had to replace his running shoes for a bycicle. This decision wasn’t easy, however it was necessary as the injuries caused by numerous running marathons took their toll. Bike trainings are a completely different thing as they require more time.

In 2004 he successfully finished his first byciclistic ultramarathon project where he cycled 5200 kilometers through Europe and ex-Yugoslavia. In 2006 he embarked on the “the route of Zdravljica” where he cycled 3800 kilometers in 13 days.

Two years ago he found a new job in the coastal region of Slovenia and moved to Koper, where the conditions for training are better for his 2008 project. He trains at least 4 hours daily on top of the hard work in the workplace. He is completely dedicated to the challenge waiting on him in the next year. He cycles 80, 100 or 120 kilometers every day and during intensive preparations even up to 300 kilometers daily. Radovan assures “I have strong willpower and many ideas!” His next big project is the cycling ultramarathon from Slovenia to Beijing (China) in June 2008 to catch the Olympic games. Radovan will accept the Slovenian flag at Vače (geometrical center of Slovenia) and then begin his last big ultramarathon in Ljubljana (Slovenia’s capital city) to carry the flag to the Chinese capital city and hand it over to the sportsman who will carry it at the opening of the Olympic games. The route will be around 10000 kilometers long and it should take Radovan about 40 days to get to his destination. He will be crossing Slovenia, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. He will cycle 270 kilometers every day.

The accompanying team will comprise of four members. Technical project manager will be Milan Rejec, an experienced mountanteer and cyclist. The team which will be travelling along with a motorhome and a van also has a lot of hard work ahead, especially due to heat, humidity, bad roads and other unforseenable paramaters can cause unforseen problems.

Radovan announces proudly: “This will probably be my last achievement in my sporting career and I believe in myself!”.

Written by: Tatjana Pirc


著名的斯洛文尼亚马拉松运动员 Radovan Skubic Hilarij将用一辆自行车绕行10000多公里,历时40天横跨地球,计划于北京时间200888抵达本届奥林匹克运动会的主办城市北京,这将是他生平最富挑战性的一次尝试。他将一路携斯洛文尼亚国旗,在到达北京后,要亲手交给参加本次北京奥运会的斯洛文尼亚体育健儿们。此举还为了宣扬世界和平及提醒人们重视全球变暖问题,故称之为“和平、体育精神之旅”。

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